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We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us.. It's not news that rapper Kanye West has a way with words.. Kanye and Jaden Smith should definitely be best friends..You may want to sit down for this one. Kanye West dropped anothershell in his triumphant, confounding return to Twitter on Wednesday His entire Twitter feed may, in fact, be that philosophy book he's been teasing, written for all to see in real time. "Oh by the way this is my book that I . Sam Sanders, host of NPR's It's Been a Minute contextualizes the philosophy of Kanye West, as discerned from the rapper's recent string of .In an expansion to his media empire, Kanye West announced on Twitter Wednesday that he writing a philosophy book on the social media site..Kanye West's fans are shocked when he applauds black Trump supporter Candace Owens as a "free thinker.".Kanye West returned to Twitter this weekend and let's just say it was about as weird and as Kanye as you could hope dream pray it would be. He started innocently enough with a picture of his favorite Saint Pablo tee, but it digressed from there in true Kanye fashion. Buckle up you guys, because .Kanye West praised Candace Owens on Twitter, after recently returning to the social media platform after a long hiatus, and a major controversy immediately erupted..Kanye West returned to Twitter to share his thoughts on consciousness, fashion, possible tattoo ideas, and Lamar Odom..

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Kanye's pro Trump tweets have caused many fans to abandon ship..Kanye West is back on Twitter, saying that his tweets are part of a new, real time book he's working on called "Break the Simulation." about his new, highly "conceptual" project, here..Kanye West returned to Twitter and shared a fond memory with Khloe Kardashian's ex husband, Lamar Odom. The father of three posted a series of tweets on Sunday, including one photo of him and Odom at his Yeezy Season show in New York..Kanye has deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts..Kanye West Is Revealing Never Before Seen YEEZY Designs on Twitter As well as neck tattoos designed by Gosha Rubchinskiy..

The latest Tweets from KANYE WEST @kanyewest "free thinking is a super power".We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us.. It's not news that rapper Kanye West has a way with words..

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